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Joint Ventures and Protection of Competition in Bulgaria

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The purpose of the study the following main tasks are set to solve: (1) overview of the joint ventures regulatory norms of the supranational competition law of the European Union (EU) as a source of Bulgarian competition law in relation to joint ventures; (2) conformity assessment of the legal framework of joint ventures in the three laws on protection of competition successively passed in Bulgaria in 1991, 1998 and 2008 with the legal regulation of the joint ventures in the EU competition law; (3) identification of the decisions of the Bulgarian Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) associated with joint ventures, which in turn determines the implementation of a documentary analysis of all publicly available CPCs decisions relating to the presence or the lack of behavioral and structural infringements of competition in its yearbooks, annual reports and website for a sufficiently long period that has been fixed here at 20 years, or this is the period from the creation of the CPC in 1991 to 2010 inclusive.

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