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 LAP Directions

Directions Biodiversity, Ecology and Bioresources | Ecosystems Research

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50 years institut Zoology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences from 1947 to 1997
  first edition
Format 60X84/16

Soft cover
ISBN 954-430-508-4
Price 1.50 BGN

Traces the role of the Institute of Zoology in the development of zoological science in our country during half a century of its existence. Included are 16 review articles, some of which reflect the achievements of the institute in the classical fields of zoological science as faunistic and taxonomy of animals, zoogeography, hydrobiology, parasitology and others. A significant part of the materials persons are dedicated to modern biological fields that develop at the institute: population biology and ecology, biomonitoring and conservation of ecosystems, experimental zoology, morphology and ontogenesis of animals, biological rhythms and pheromone communication between insects.

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