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Directions Cultural and historical heritage and national identity | Literature

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Cult and hymnography. Services for local South Slavic and Balkan saints in manuscripts from the XIII-XV centuries
  first edition
Format 70X100/16

Soft cover
ISBN 978-954-322-468-5
Price 16.00 BGN

Price 6 USD or the BGN equivalent

The present book is the first attempt to present the original manuscript tradition and translation services for three very respectful typical Bulgarian Orthodox saints - St. Ivan Rilski, St. Petka Turnovska and St. Demetrius of Thessaloniki. The actuality of the problem in the book is determined by the fact that in previous studies on Old Bulgarian hymnography main object was the original Old hymnological works of Cyril and Methodius disciples and those left behind in the form of autographs acrostic, while research is done here gives a new perspective to the notion of original works by Bulgarian glorify saints. Published texts are also services three saints, taken from manuscripts de visu. Bring data from a new source material, giving an idea of ​​the types of services and illustrating the stages are passed between components.

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