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 LAP Directions

Directions Biomedicine and quality of life | Experimental Morphology, pathology and anthropology
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In the monograph are presented results from the National anthropological ...
Hard cover 18.00 BGN
"Dermatoglifichnata characteristics of the individual is part of his overall ...
Hard cover 9.70 BGN
"The main object of study of mankind is man." Johann ...
Soft cover 2.50 BGN

Anthropological characteristics of the population of the Republic of Bulgaria ...
Hard cover 12.50 BGN

Reconstructing the head by the skull is based on certain ...
Hard cover 35.00 BGN
Reconstruction, is reconstruction of the head the skull is an ...
Soft cover 9.50 BGN
Hard cover 0.45 BGN

The monograph contains experimental data on the electrical activity of ...
Hard cover 0.45 BGN
The development of cytology and molecular biology is so intensive ...
Hard cover 0.60 BGN
Hard cover 0.40 BGN

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