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 LAP Directions

Directions Biomedicine and quality of life | Medicine
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Hard coverá 26.00 BGN
This monograph is focused on the male reproductive system. Diseases ...
Hard coverá 42.00 BGN
Hard coverá 60.00 BGN
Nowadays there is a secular trend showing increasing of illnesses ...
Hard coverá 36.00 BGN
In recent decades there has been rapid development of the ...
Hard coverá 15.00 BGN
In 2009 the importance of dental care in relation to organ ...
Soft cover 10.00 BGN
The monograph presents diagnostic and therapeutic activity in the treatment ...
Hard coverá 42.00 BGN
This volume is devoted to surgical diseases of the urinary ...
Hard coverá 38.00 BGN
Hard coverá 49.00 BGN
This work presents Bulgarian medieval medicine (IX-XIV century) as part ...
Soft cover 6.00 BGN


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