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 LAP Directions

Directions Man and society | Demography
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The main purpose of this book is to present a ...
Soft cover 15.00 BGN
This book sens of the demographic road of the Bulgarian ...
Hard cover 12.00 BGN
Scientific Conference, Sofia, 17 18 October 2012
Soft cover 13.00 BGN
Hard cover 6.00 BGN

"The end of one century is expected early next. Numerous ...
Hard cover 16.00 BGN
The book presents the results of international comparative study of ...
Soft cover 9.00 BGN
In this research study the future trends of the potential ...
Soft cover 12.90 BGN
"In the present study is taught in sex differentiation processes ...
Soft cover 9.00 BGN
The book presents basic concepts and indicators for the study ...
Soft cover 8.20 BGN

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