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 LAP Directions

Directions Man and society | Philosophy
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The book comprises texts written on various occasions (published in ...
Soft cover 15.00 BGN
Soft cover 13.00 BGN
"Mafezoli Michel, a professor of sociology at the University of ...
Soft cover 13.00 BGN
In this monograph is reconstructed cultural-theoretical aspect of the term ...
Soft cover 8.00 BGN
The study is a continuation of already published a monograph ...
Soft cover 13.90 BGN
"Human existence is associated with awareness not only of life ...
Soft cover 8.00 BGN
This collection is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the ...
Soft cover 6.00 BGN
Meaningful center of the collection dedicated to the 60th anniversary ...
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Hard cover 12.00 BGN

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