Since the middle of 2011, Professor Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House has enacted a program of modernization and radical turn in the quality of publishing and printing of the polygraphic products in shortened terms. An essential requirement for successful implementation of this modernization program is the form in which authors submit their works.
         The current requirements of Academic Publishing House to the authors/teams are:
1. The conclusion of a publishing contract is after the implementation of review procedure adopted by the Advisory Board for publishing in BAS.
2. Before signing a publishing contract the author must fill in a standardized questionnaire to help determine the proper circulation of the publication and marketing.
3. Publishing contract with the author / authors is concluded upon delivery of the original.
4. Do not conclude a publishing contract, if not presented fully completed original work.
5. The authors have the right to supplement and change no more than 5% of the volume of work after the conclusion of a publishing contract.
6. All works for publishing and printing must be given in electronic form (CD or flash memory), accompanied by a paper printout.
7. All works will be edited and adjusted only on a computer file.
8. The authors receive a paper copy of the last reconciliation from the publishing house only once. It contains the paginated work in the form that will be printed.
9. The text of the work must be in .doc/.rtf format for MS Office XP/97-2003 or .docx for MS Office on Win7.
10. Works in which the illustrative material is inserted in the .doc/.docx/.rtf file are NOT accepted for publishing or printing.
11. Images must be presented in separate files in .jpeg and .tif format under the following requirements:
       –   At 180 dpi the longer side of the photo must not be shorter than 20 cm;
       –   Each photo has to be over 8 Megapixel;
       –   Or in jpeg format - larger than 200 Kb
12. Tables must be given in a finished form in .doc/.docx/.rtf file in the relevant place.
13. Graphs / charts are provided in the format .doc and .xls of the places where they will be made by publisher.
14. Maps, schemes, diagrams / charts must be provided as separate files in .Eps, .Ai or. Cdr, CMYK formats and the text should be converted into curves.
15. The authors receive a signal copy of the finalized work by APH. They have to review and approve it by signature.
Professor Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House